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Based on your ideas, we will meticulously plan every event detail from concept design to venue selection to day of event production and coordination.

Our Story

They say opposites attract, right? There was nothing spiritual about our first time “spark”, just a really base “this ... Those feelings grew and continued throughout the relationship.

Hearing a partner say "I love you" for the first time is regarded as one of the highlights of a romantic relationship.

Wedding Planner Services

We offer you best services that makes your wedding event more joyful and memorable

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

We are open to new ideas. If you want something different for your pre-wedding photo shoot we are up to it. Share your ideas with us and we turn it into reality.

Ring Ceremony

Relive your romantic moments and share the nostalgia with your favorite ones by exchanging the engagement rings at that very place where all the magic began!

Wedding Day

We offer first class service and plan world-class events. With outstanding design we create magical experiences for our discerning international clientele.

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7AM - 11AM (Breakfast)
11AM - 10PM (Lunch / Dinner)

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We’re Committed to Service Excellence

From invitations to wedding updos, we’re here to help you pull it all together. It would be our
greatest pleasure to help you make your dream wedding a reality

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We Have Made Them Super Happy Now, Its Your Turn!

Thank you! It was a gorgeous and unforgettable adventure! I love thinking about it! Such a great experience with a fantastic view to the alps and the lakes!

Michael Peter

A very experienced pilot who made me feel safe and comfortable from beginning to end. We had a super flight and a smooth landing. These are the best people.

Alana Thompson

Captured Moments...

We are passionate about creating 'WOW' events for all our clients
and want your planning experience to be fun.



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